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Upon arrival, Katee very quickly made herself an indispensable asset to our mission here at the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce – notably in the complete revolutionizing our operational capabilities end-to-end, with modern cloud-based digital infrastructure. 
Katee has also taken proactive ownership of building upon our key stakeholder relationships across the region, as well as in designing and executing upon a robust and vibrant communications strategy with our broader community.
Todd Sotheren

President, Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce

Katee is a whizz!  She has a peripheral vision – a terrific grasp of digital marketing, knows how to tinker front and back end as well as keeping an eye on the bigger picture from a strategic perspective.  And her enthusiasm for problem-solving and delivering affordable solutions is contagious.

Cathy Levins-Byres

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I’m Katee Blizzard, your Social Greatness Strategist, here to help you make a greater impact online.

I’m a consultant and strategist helping businesses like yours Launch, Scale, and Grow with purpose in order to make a GREATER IMPACT on our world. 

My focus is on working with brands that are not only selling quality products & services but doing so with sustainability and ethics in mind.

After managing a team that raised $1 Million for a Children’s Hospital in 2016, I found my passion for helping businesses recognize the value of partnering with causes they care about. 

Now, I am on a mission to use my expertise & influence for the greater good in order to support people & brands that are making an impact on our world.

Are you ready to make a GREATER IMPACT?

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