Brand Authenticity and What It Does For Your Business with Lauren Gordon

Episode 04: Authenticity and What It Does For Your Brand with Lauren Gordon

An Interview with Lauren Gordon



On today’s show, I chat with Lauren Gordon of about her story of entrepreneurship as well as her insight on brand authenticity as a powerful marketing tool. Lauren is the wordsmith behind Social Greatness Strategy’s brand story. I truly don’t know where I would be without her help to define my brand’s personality.


Lauren has developed a successful business through her powerful Facebook Lives that she holds multiple times a week. Her honesty and authenticity has truly transformed the way she does business and she wants to help you do the same. Lauren has become my Biz Bestie and I am so excited to share that we have an amazing workshop planned for you all about branding your business!

Take a listen to our chat to hear more about Lauren’s Story and her tips for creating your Authentic Brand Story that will be sure to draw in more ideal customers.

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