3 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Following

3 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Following

Does it seem like for every new follower on Instagram you have 10 people unfollowing?

I wish I could tell you it’s not you, it’s me, but in reality, with Instagram’s current algorithm, it takes a lot to be seen nowadays. BUT… There are ways to make it happen! And you CAN find people who would love to hear about your business and its mission. Today, I want to share with you 3 SIMPLE TIPs that will help you be seen more on Instagram.

Step 1: Use Keywords in the Name Field.

Instead of repeating your Business’s name, which is most likely already your username (@orgname), choose some keywords to describe what you offer, where you are based, and who you help. This is one of the only “Searchable” sections of your profile so by utilizing keywords such as “Sydney Hair Stylist” or “Byron Bay Wedding Coordinator”, you will have an edge amongst the competition. Because when people search for hashtags with those keywords, GUESS WHO POPS UP?!?!

Step 2: Use ALL 30 Hashtags

Yes! DO THIS! I am telling you, so many people worry that they clutter their posts but there are ways around it! By not using all 30, you are losing out on searchability potential. Think of hashtags as the SEO of Instagram. You want to make sure that you are using hashtags that are relevant to your target market. Stay away from hashtags that are overly popular like #coffee with nearly 80 Million posts. Yours will get lost super fast, unfortunately. Look for ones with 20K to 100K if possible. One way is to make your hashtags less cluttered is to post them in your first comment. I have done tons of research on this and so far there is no evidence to say it has a negative effect on your account.

Step 3: ENGAGE for more ENGAGEMENT

You’ve got to give in order to get with Instagram. Go through hashtags relevant to your target market. Try to think about these questions: What other businesses might they support? What sorts of restaurants do they go to? Where are they based? The answers will help you focus in on exactly where your IDEAL FOLLOWERS who are hiding on Instagram. It is much easier for you to go find them and comment on their photo than it is for them to find you if they have never heard of you before. For example: If you’re targeting runners for your organization’s next 5k, search #GoldCoastRunner and various other forms of that. Then, go out and engage with them! Be sure to leave authentic (NON-SPAMMY) comments on their photos. They will check you out!

So, in a nutshell for those who scrolled straight to the bottom:

  1. Add Keywords to your Name Field to increase searchability.
  2. Use 30 Hashtags specific to your target follower
  3. ENGAGE authentically with people you wish would buy your product/services!

P.S. If you have a business or tech question on your mind that you’d like me to answer? Leave a comment below! Most likely, someone else has that question too!

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