How to Discover Your Target Audience

Hello there. You’re here because you have a dream. Whether that dream is freelancing full time and leaving your 9-to-5, or creating the business that has been designed in your mind for years, you deserve what your heart is craving. With a little hard work and some patience and belief, you’ll get there.

A few months ago, well maybe a little more than just a few, I was working as a virtual assistant for clients I didn’t like working for. I was creating processes and setting up their dream ventures, when what I really wanted was to be doing that for myself. My biggest struggle? I had no idea who I wanted to work with or even how I was going to reach them or talk to them. Knowing who your target market is and what they are searching for is vital to building your dream business.

After spinning my wheels for quite some time, I grabbed Carrie Green’s book She Means Business from the bookstore and decided to let the universe lead the way. Do you know what happened next? The things I learned from Carrie’s immense knowledge lead me straight to MY DREAM CLIENT!

Weird, right?


I focused on what I wanted to achieve, fixated on the type of client I wanted, found where they wwere and went to them instead of trying to get them to come to me. I saw a Facebook post of someone who has become my absolute greatest client. This client helped to fully form who my ideal client is and the sort of people I need to search for so that I can do work I love. She is an incredible mom who launched a soap brand, that helps fight the palm oil industry, with her daughter. They even donate a portion of the profits to regenerating the rainforest. How cool is that? Check them out here:

After finding my first wonderful client, I realigned my business to focus on helping socially responsible entrepreneurs, which has brought in so many more ideal clients, all of which I cannot wait to fully begin working with. As a social greatness strategist, I help them achieve their visibility goals for their business in order to bring in more money for them and to help them make a bigger impact on the world.

Since this realignment, I have reached many milestones.
Instagram followers up to 5.5K
– Email subscribers reached 1.1K and continues to grow (Sign Up for 27 FREE CONTENT IDEAS)
– Created and published my first SIX podcast episodes on iTunes
– Grew a Facebook group for socially responsible entrepreneurs to connect up to 250 with daily
new members!
– Helped 25 female entrepreneurs develop their 2018 strategies
– Fully booked my first 90 days of 2018

I promise everything will work out in the right way, at the right time for you. The biggest key to getting there is knowing who you want to work with, finding where it is they are on the internet and reaching them. Stop making them search for you. Once you get your mindset ready to accept what the universe has in store for you, big things will happen!

In the words of Carrie Green, “I can and I will. Watch me.” I’m ready to watch you blossom in 2018!