What if…

You had your very own business coach, strategist, and support system in the palm of your hand each and every day?

Someone that you could send a quick message and receive help without spending HOURS searching the internet?

Well, my friend, I have some exciting news for you!

This is for you if…
You are ready to start making a greater impact!

So, you’re ready to make a greater impact online, but how?

You’ve invested in the courses, done the “googles”, and tried all the “foolproof” tips, tricks, and tactics shared by coaches preaching $10K months… Instead of seeing the big results you hoped, you are more confused, overwhelmed and frustrated than ever.

What if you had someone at the palm of your hand to send a quick message to when you are stuck and need help making the next move? What if you had someone who truly understands that your business is not just about making money, but making a positive impact on the world?

Here’s the thing. You can’t help wanting to make your business the best it can be but it is REALLY HARD to do it alone. A successful business requires its owner to feel like “I’ve got this!” and sometimes, that means knowing the right person to call when shit hits the fan.

I’m Katee Blizzard and I help women just like you make a greater impact through marketing strategies & support. I offer a practical approach to personal and professional development while sharing the strategies I’ve developed to help you make a greater impact and bring home a greater income.

I help business owners see their greatest potential and supply them with the tools needed to make it happen!

Most important? I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled with my own self-doubt, and have felt overwhelmed and muddled about how to stay true to my mission while making a proper income. Thanks to a lot of trial & error + hard work, I’ve developed a strategy that has helped my clients reach a greater level of success. Now, I want to share them with you.

My goal is to help you navigate the path that is entrepreneurship and help you make a greater impact on the world. No more wasting time and energy trying to do it all yourself. I want to be your first call/email/beep to help you work through new things with ease and clarity.

How does it work?

With most coaching, you get one face-to-face call with a mentor each week plus, potentially, a few emails in between. And for many people that is enough, but for many busy bosses (especially moms), they need help when they need it, not during a scheduled weekly call.

With my Social Greatness Support Program, we meet face-to-face for a 1-hour Zoom Call each month so we can really get to know each other and deep dive into your business. But what happens in between calls is where the magic really happens.

When you sign up for the SGS Program you get unlimited access to me via Voxer so we can be in constant communication and working around the clock to help you reach a greater audience and make a greater impact with your business.

If you panic at 1am or think of a random question on a Saturday, just message me!! I’ll reply within 24 hours (up to 48 hrs on weekends and national holidays). NO MORE WAITING an entire week for your next video chat with a coach. We’ll be in constant contact in our own private messaging channel.

What Katee has brought to Uplift, I can’t even explain in words. She has changed my life. The encouragement to just be me and to celebrate my uniqueness is something that comes very naturally to Katee. She holds a space for me to think and come up with ideas but then extends those ideas or possibilities further than I could ever have imagined.

She goes beyond just giving me support and guidance. She opens up a world of possibility and connection to people, brands and ways of growing my business that I am so very excited about.

This morning during my first FB live Katee prepped me with notes and a personalized tutorial to set it up properly. I had not done one and it was like jumping into a very unknown space that I felt really exposed and nervous. She supported me through the whole thing so elegantly and prompted me with things to say and the timing of it. I finished it and felt so happy and proud of myself. It was definitely a first-time effort but I think I did quite well. Katee filled me with confidence and I just felt ‘I had this’. Julie May

Founder / Innovator, Uplift Swimwear

What will we do together?

You can truly ask me anything! (Business, personal, and otherwise). It’s like having a mentor/accountability partner/gal pal/cheerleader in your back pocket at all times. We’ll start by setting your goals, nailing down your priority list, and creating your Social Greatness Strategy grow your business and make a greater impact.

My goal is to help you stop stressing about what you don’t know how to do (yet), avoid the shiny objects and freebie overwhelm, and start using your business to make the impact that you crave to make in your industry. I’m there to answer any questions, make suggestions, and hold you accountable as you put your plan into action (I’ll always be watching out for opportunities to help you and your business!).

What do you get?

  • Getting Started Questionnaire to help me better understand your business and goals
  • One 1-hour Social Greatness Strategy Session, face-to-face conversation via Zoom at the start of each month
  • Unlimited access to me via a private messaging channel on Voxer
  • Access to the Social Greatness Collective membership
  • My total attention (the program is limited to only 5 clients per month, so I’m never spread too thin)
  • No long-term commitment; this is a month-to-month program so you can stop whenever you are ready!


The investment for the Social Greatness Support Program is $400 AUD per month.

– 6 Month Packages are available at a Discounted Rate. –

(Limited to 5 spots per month!) 

Why Katee?

Because I’ve been there. Searching for answers all over the web, trying to do it all, and eventually putting my faith into a “coach” who did nothing but distract me from my purpose.

I know that you’ve started your business to make an impact on this world and I make it my mission to help every client leave me in a greater place than they were before working together.

If you believe in the business that you’ve created, I’d love to have a chat!

Katee Blizzard is amazing. If you want to make your dreams a reality, she is the one to go to. I haven’t looked back since engaging her services. She is a delightful person to work with.
Deb Bradshaw

Salon Owner / Stylist, Hair Angel

Katee is so easy to talk to and so generous with her advice. Before chatting with her, I felt confused and overwhelmed by how many ideas I had, but she definitely helped me focus on the best place to start. Thanks, girl, I hope to work with you more in the future!
Steff Ho

Virtual Assistant + Social Media Manager, Tea Break Digital

I haven’t even implemented everything Katee advised me to do yet and still had immediate results! She’s absolutely a delight to work with. I’ve just read through everything from our Strategy Session. It’s amazing. I’m printing it out and hanging portions on my wall above my computer. And the rest goes in my journal!
Sharon Hughes

Speaker, Launch Your Creativity