The story I’m going to tell you about today has to do with the most famous mouse in the world.

You’ve guessed it, the infamous Mickey Mouse who has become a global icon, however, that might not have been the case as Walt could not initially find a film distributor who was willing to bring Mickey to the theaters.

The most famous mouse in the world and how YOU can relate to his story.Lucky for Walt, a New York City theater operator and promoter named Harry Reichenbach offered Walt a solution. 
“Those guys don’t know what’s good until the public tells them.”

Harry convinced Walt to show Steamboat Willie in his theater for two weeks. And as you can guess, it was a huge hit with the moviegoers and soon after, the distributors began flocking to sign on Disney his mouse.

Here’s the thing, if Walt didn’t take him up on his offer of going into his existing audience at that NYC Theater, Mickey may not have ever gotten picked up or it would have taken a lot more effort and time to do so.


So, what does this relate to you?

Well, for starters, if you are having trouble getting eyes on your business, you are not alone. The truth is, this wasn’t even the only time that Walt went directly to existing audiences to validate his movies to build the trust of the media and distributors. It happened again with The Skeleton Dance and Silly Symphonies.

This, my friends, is why it’s so important to get in front of existing audiences with your offer. You’ve got to think about what spaces already exist with your ideal audience so that you can go in and let them in on how you are going to make their lives better with your product or service.

Because when you do people will start talking about you.

That’s when you start becoming known for what you do.

That’s when people start referring you, even if they don’t necessarily need your product or services, because they know you because they know they saw you that one time, talk about that thing that you offer and your story stuck with them.

You are here for a reason, and that reason is to get more eyes on your business so that you can make a greater impact on your life and the lives of your customers. So, what are you waiting for?

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Inspiration behind this post came from: Be Our Guest by The Disney Institute, Theodore Kinni