Am I really an Expert?

Am I really an Expert?

Yesterday, I was called an “expert” for the first time.


There was something about how she said it so nonchalantly that I had to stop her.


I instantly thought, 

“Wait, what? She thinks I AM AN EXPERT? 

Uh oh… I’ve let her think that I am. But I am not. Am I? 

No. But … I have been doing this online marketing stuff for 3 years now. Maybe I am….”


I told her that it was the first time I’ve ever been called an “expert” and she couldn’t believe it! 

After following my journey and the transformations I have had with my clients, she knew that I knew my STUFF when it comes to marketing and user experience, which is why she invited me to sit on a panel as an expert next month. (Details to be shared soon!)


SHE had to convince ME that I was an expert and that NEVER should have been the case!

I am always teaching my clients to stand in their power & be the expert in their business and yet, when someone noticed that I was one, I denied it!

What The Heck???!!!


To any of you who are doubting your greatness and your expertise…. STOP IT!!!!


Chances are high that someone out there KNOWS that you are the expert of something. What are you the “go-to” person for? Start showing up as her! (or him!)


And never, EVER, doubt the greatness that is inside of you!


COMMENT BELOW: I want to hear from you, what do you want to be known as the expert of? 

A Message about FEAR inspired by Marie Forleo

A Message about FEAR inspired by Marie Forleo

A message about Fear by Marie Forleo


To be honest, over the past year and a bit, I have been struggling with fear.

To the point where I stopped showing up online as much as when I started my business out of “fear” of what my family and friends think of me.

I also “feared” failure. (Don’t we all?)⠀ 

It had gotten to the point where every month or so I would get a great idea for my business, plan it out, do the content schedule, create the graphics, schedule the launch, and then… NOTHING. ⠀


😨😨😨Total digital stage fright.😨😨😨⠀


I would spend weeks planning it out and getting super excited about the opportunity to help my community and then, I would let “fear” take over and tell me the usual things.⠀

“Katee, who do you think you are to do this?”⠀

“Katee, you don’t know what you are doing.”⠀

“Katee, who is going to buy that?”⠀ 

The list goes on and on…⠀

As my girl Marie Forleo puts it: “Fear is your soul’s GPS.”

“With the exception of those moments where fear is keeping you alive,… (Definitely listen to those moments!) “one sign is if you can’t get a certain idea out of your heart or mind. No matter how hard you try it keeps popping back… Anytime you imagine moving forward toward that idea, you may feel afraid…

But what if we misinterpreted the signal? 

What if fear’s message wasn’t “Danger” but “DO IT!””⠀

This chapter of “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo really hit home for me and made me get back on track with an ongoing idea that I had been putting off, out of fear, for the last 2 years.⠀
It’s time to put fear aside and share what I have been working on that I KNOW will help people to gain confidence in their marketing so that they can make a greater impact on the world.


If you are ready to break through your own fears of running an impact-driven business, this one is for you!