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Let Social Greatness Co.

Transform your Business

In addition to the membership site and courses, we offer 1:1 assistance to help you get your business reaching it’s greatest potential. No matter your needs, our team is here to support you in creating a brand that you love and we make sure to share it in all of the right places to get your business noticed by your ideal customers.

Do you believe that your small business can make a GREAT IMPACT?

Just because your a small business doesn’t mean you cannot set the world on fire with what you offer!


Imagine if:

  • Your business were featured in publications seen globally
  • You’re products cost went down because you were selling so much
  • You were booked out of services for the next 6 months
  • You had enough money to make a charitable donation to a cause you truly care about on your business’s behalf

I’ll bet you’ve found yourself here because you’re drawn to the idea of setting greater goals for yourself and your business.

  • You’re done with feeling the emphasis on SMALL in small business
  • You’re finished avoiding the next step because you know you will be getting out of the comfort zone you’ve created.
  • You know you won’t reach that next level until you get uncomfortable and make those changes.

And deep down, you know what you need.

You need an extra push to get to where you want your business to be. And guess what?

I am here, with an incredible team behind the scenes, ready to help you make it happen!

You might be ready to take your brick and mortar store online.

Or you might already have an online business, but want to see it bring in greater sales.

Or, you might be wondering, ‘How in the world do I even begin creating a business!?

Whatever it is for you, the time to start is NOW!

If you’re up for stepping out of your comfort zone, getting your business more visible to the RIGHT audiences, and A LOT of accountability from me…


Sign up for a Your Strategy Session Today!


It Starts with a Strategy Call

During your Strategy Call with Katee, you will break down your current marketing practices, identify the top 3 opportunities for adjustments, and devise a plan of action so that you can reach more of the right people and make a greater impact thanks to greater profits.

You will leave this call with a sense of clarity as to what your next steps should be in order to see the results you crave.

So, what do you say? Are you ready?

Client Testimonials

“I haven’t even implemented everything Katee advised me to do yet and still had immediate results! She’s absolutely a delight to work with.

I just read through everything. It’s amazing.


I’m printing it out and hanging portions on my wall above my computer. And the rest goes in my journal!”

Sharon Hughes

Owner/Speaker, Launch Your Creativity

Shop Simple Solutions

If you are looking for simple solutions to your marketing and visibility needs, please feel free to select a package below and we will take over the rest.

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